Fabric care guide

We love our linen and we know you do too! Of course we want you to enjoy it for years to come, so when it comes to looking after your Montaigne Paris pieces - we have some suggestions to maximise the lifespan of your linen garments. 

Linen doesn't need specialist care, just a little of attention and a gentle hand for longevity. Made from flax plant fibres, linen has been used for thousands of years - with humble beginnings, care is very simple too. And the best news? Linen improves with age - becoming increasingly soft and tactile to wear.

A more eco-friendly and sustainable option than cotton, our tips are very simple to care for your Montaigne items:

  • Ask yourself - does it really need washing. In the interests of minimising power and water usage, we recommend wearing your clothes a number of times before heading to the laundry. Your clothes will last longer and our planet will thank you.
  • First wash? To limit dye running, we recommend washing deep colours with a cup of salt added to the initial wash. 
  • It's advisable to wash pieces separately - particularly if they're new. Never wash white garments with colours. 
  • It is always recommended to hand wash your linen in lukewarm water.
  • Lie flat in shade if possible.
  • If you're tumble drying - we recommend you stick with low temperatures, and remove the item from the dryer when still slightly damp to avoid the linen stiffening, we love to pop our pieces on a hanger to complete the drying process. 
  • Ironing? Well you don't have to - because part of the joy of linen is the relaxed, draped look, and those crumples just add to the appeal. If you love a crisper look, we strongly recommend ironing while the garment is still damp. A medium-hot iron with the steam setting should have your piece look sharp in no time. If you're ironing a dark piece - we recommend only ironing on the reverse side.

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