Introducing colour into your wardrobe ⚡️🌸❣️

Introducing colour into your wardrobe ⚡️🌸❣️

This week we spoke with Amelia McFarlane, personal stylist at Colour Me In Styling about how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe. She shared some tips and tricks on how to embrace some brighter hues with us.

What’s the importance of wearing colour?

It's pretty simple really, it brings you to life! The right colours will light up your face and make you look more vibrant and fresh. Not to mention approachable in a work setting (when tasteful and considered) and social (playful and expressive) context. 

How do I know which colours suit me best?

You'll have to book my services to find out! When a friend or family member tells you, you look well or a more blatant "that colour really suits you", hold that in your memory bank and wear that colour more often! That's a good starting point.

If you’ve never worn colour before - how do you start?

I encourage using blue as a starting point as it the universally the most popular colour and consequently less intimidating. Blue feel safe and quiet, especially in dark or muted shades.

How do I start to add colour to my wardrobe?

Buy a block coloured top and a block coloured pair or pants and start mixing and matching these with basics within your wardrobe.

Looking for more colour confidence - find out more about Amelia's services here, or find her on Instagram